What do I need to check on a fire door?

It is important that fire doors are maintained in good working order, and the key points to check are as follows:

  • Check that the door is closing ‘to latch’ automatically: Open the door halfway and let it go – it should close to latch. Sometimes the door closer will require adjusting to ensure that this happens.
  • Ensure that the smoke seals are in place and undamaged. Over time these can become worn or even overpainted.
  • Check that there are no penetrations or damage to the door.
  • Check that the 3 hinges are secure and in good condition.
  • Check the gaps between the door and frame – there should be less than 4mm at the top and sides, and less than 8mm at the bottom of the door
  • Check the certification – all fire doors will have a plug or label on the top (or side) to indicate they are a fully certified fire door.

Follow this link to see fire doors under test: http://www.bwfcertifire.org.uk/assets/with20bwf-sd.mp4

Click on the image below to download our printable tick-box checklist to assist you in carrying out your fire door inspections: