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Our mission is to provide a world-class pre-emergency service, helping to prevent disasters. It’s our job to formulate solutions, inspire trust, remove stress and disruption, and exceed expectations. Once upon a time, long ago, way back in the last century (1986 to be precise), the present senior partner founded Dorset Fire Protection in the garden shed! Sound familiar? Well, I suppose this is the story of many businesses, but not quite so many businesses get as far as chapter 1, so we are very pleased to have reached chapter 30! And it’s all down to the way we look after people.

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What we're all about and what we believe in

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We will keep our promises. We believe in our cause, we’re serious about service.

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We seek to be worthy of the trust placed in us.

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We are uniquely equipped to help you, and we thrive on new ideas.

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We have a positive and inspiring approach, where nothing is ever too much trouble.

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We are committed to a high standard of uprightness.

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Our mission

We provide a word class pre emergency service, helping prevent disasters.