The key benefits of Remote Monitoring with DFP

Tick Step 1: We install a monitoring device close to your fire alarm control panel. For speed, this is usually a wireless communicator.
Tick Step 2: We register your preferred contact details with the ARC.
Tick Step 3: You pay an ongoing annual monitoring fee, which is invoiced annually and is renewed automatically.
Tick Step 4: Relax, and have peace of mind knowing your premises is being monitored 24/7.

How can you protect your premises from a fire, when it’s unoccupied?

The Risk

What happens if you have a fire when your premises are unoccupied? Your fire alarm system will trigger, but who will hear the sounders?
By the time the fire breaks through a window and someone outside becomes aware, you will probably have lost your building, and possibly your business. Whilst this is not exactly a pleasant consideration, it is not a possibility any of us can afford to lightly dismiss.


Our Solution

How simple would it be to have someone monitoring your fire alarm system 24/7? Thankfully, relatively simply.
Here at DFP we can connect your fire alarm up to a manned NSI Gold Accredited Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC), where people wait for your fire alarm system to trigger, every day and every hour of the year. In the event of a signal, they will contact you in the first instance and if they receive no response, they will summon the Fire Service to your premises, ensuring the best chances of containing the fire at an early stage.

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