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Large White Victorian Hotel

Victorian Seaside Hotel – the brief

During a building refurbishment, several large maintained emergency light fittings had been installed. Due to the fact maintained fittings are illuminated all the time, the fluorescent tubes require frequent replacement, and finally the whole fitting burns-out after a few years. The situation at this hotel was no exception, and the replacement fittings were not cheap items. We were not happy with the prospect of an expensive replacement programme for our client.

Fire Alarm System


Having tested a number of different fittings for build quality and illumination levels, we were able to source a suitable replacement LED luminaire. Not only was the unit similar to the original in size and design, but the new unit offered some distinct advantages:

  1. Removed the requirement for replacement fluorescent tubes – LEDs are designed to last the life of the fitting (cost saving #1)
  2. LEDs consume less energy (cost saving #2)
  3. Fitting runs at a lower temperature, ensuring that it lasts longer (cost saving #3)

The icing on the cake was that the new fitting cost no more than the original fluorescent luminaire – it was a ‘win-win’situation whichever way you looked at it!

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