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Museum On High Street

Museum in Heritage – the brief

Shire Hall Historic Courthouse Museum is situated in a Grade 1 listed building designed by the architect Thomas Hardwick. It was an active courthouse from 1796 until 1955, witnessing all manner of cases including the sentencing of the now famous Tolpuddle Martyrs.


Alongside its human history lies Shire Hall’s intrinsic architectural value, as one of the best-preserved buildings of its kind.

fire extinguishers for different fires


Recently renovated, the museum needed to be equipped with modern fire-fighting equipment, but rather than opt for the rather garish red model, we installed sleek stainless-steel extinguishers, in order to complement the heritage architecture. Stainless-steel or chrome finished extinguishers are popular in high-end offices and other locations where people want something to match the high-quality finishes. These extinguishers come with our unique 10 year guarantee and can even be installed on chrome stands if mounting the wall is an issue.

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