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Electrical Safety First!

The recent media coverage of the Samsung Galaxy 7 recall highlights the fire risks involved in living in our 21st-century electronic world. Because electrical products surround us 24/7 we expect them to be safe, but we still have to use our common sense!

Electrical Fire Safety Week 2016 runs from November 21-27. The Electrical Safety First Organisation works with Fire and Rescue Services in the UK to raise awareness of electrical fire risks and to advise how to avoid fires in your home and workplace. Find out more at


  • Never leave chargers, laptops, tablets etc. charging on a flammable surface (sofa, bed) as the heat generated could be enough to start a fire.
  • Register your electrical purchases with the manufacturer – this ensures they are able to contact you in the event of a product recall. (And allows you to check whether you’ve been sold a fake!)
  • Avoid cheap non-branded phone chargers – they are built to a much lower specification than they should be and are the cause of many fires.
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