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Fire Door Safety: closing the door on fire and smoke

This week is ‘Fire Door Safety Week: Closing the Door on Fire and Smoke’.  The aim is to increase awareness of fire doors and their important role in keeping escape routes safe and protecting lives. In addition, Fire Door Safety Week will encourage us all to notice when things might be wrong with a door and what we should do about it.

Fire doors that are incorrectly fitted or have been adapted for some reason will not withstand fire for any length of time.  Damaged smoke seal, non-approved letterboxes and apertures, non-approved hardware, incorrectly adjusted door closer: anything like that will dramatically reduce the time it takes for smoke and flames to penetrate.  Any damage to the door, even just ‘normal’ wear and tear, may impact on the doors effectiveness and the door should be repaired or replaced as soon as possible.

Click on the image above to view the ‘how to check a fire door’ video on our video resources page,and click on the image below to download our printable tick-box checklist to assist you in carrying out your fire door inspections.

To illustrate how important correctly fitted and maintained fire doors are, click on the picture below to watch the fire door test video:

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