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How often do I need a fire risk assessment?

When should your Fire Risk Assessment Be Carried Out? There is no fixed period for reviewing your fire risk assessment – certainly, it is necessary whenever there are any significant changes which could affect the fire risk, including changes to the building, staff, occupancy, activities, legislation etc. Additionally, it has become standard best practice to review the fire risk assessment on an annual basis.

In many cases, if there have been no significant changes, clients are competent to carry out the Review of their fire risk assessment, even if it was carried out by a third party originally, provided they were involved enough in the original fire risk assessment to understand the content and the Action Plan. Often the Review is simply a question of checking that the information recorded is still correct, that all necessary maintenance of the fire protection equipment is being carried out, and that all recommended actions have been completed or are in hand. A simple revised Action Plan can then be formulated, and, most importantly, the Review should be recorded.

Some clients prefer to have a third party carry out the Review each year, as a second pair of eyes, and this is particularly relevant to larger premises or where there are frequent changes.

Even if clients carry out their own annual Reviews, it is prudent to get a third party to re-visit the fire risk assessment after 5 years, so that changes in legislation and guidance can be taken into Fire Risk Assessment Be Carried Outaccount.

If you have further questions, or if you need assistance with your fire risk assessment, please do not hesitate to contact us.


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