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Keep warm, keep safe!

It’s nearly November and the weather certainly feels like it! Here at Dorset Fire Protection, we don’t mind it cold, as long as the sun is shining. No doubt portable heaters will be coming out of hibernation soon and will be needing their annual health check. Read on for a few cold weather safety reminders for use of portable heaters.

  • PAT test up to date? Faulty connections can cause shocks and fires, so check all equipment before using
  • Was that heater the one that blew up last winter? Should it have been disposed of already?
  • Oil filled radiators are safer than fan or convector heaters, although they don’t give out the comforting blast of heat you get from a fan or convector heater!
  • Not under the desk and definitely not a footrest (or even a coat peg!) It might be convenient but it is also dangerous – overheating or proximity to flammable materials could cause a fire.
  • Trailing leads are another hazard, as well as the use of extension leads – check the maximum load limits and never connect two extension leads together – move the desk instead!
  • Portable heaters are sometimes unstable, so ensure they are positioned where they are unlikely to be knocked over. Even if they have an automatic cut-out, they may still be hot enough to ignite the carpet.
  • Turn off all portable heaters when the room is unoccupied unless they are on automatic timers.
  • LPG heaters are not recommended for indoor use generally, but if you have no other option in a warehouse environment ventilation is very important. As these heaters have an open flame, they need to be used with extreme caution and staff training.
  • Also, just in case, is the central heating system in good working order and has it been serviced recently? It’s probably easier to sort it now than when it packs up on Christmas Eve!
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