See the Mobile Sanitiser Station in action against Covid19!

We’re often being reminded in the media that washing our hands frequently is our first line of defence against coronavirus.  Many clients have been asking about sanitiser dispensers and how to remind and encourage staff and visitors to cleanse their hands frequently during the current Covid19 crisis

This robust, British made SafetyHub Mobile Sanitiser Station is ideal for many situations, inside and out: warehouses, offices, canteens,  construction sites, care homes, hospitals, retail outlets, supermarkets, petrol stations…

Available in a range of options, it can be as simple as a wheeled stand with signage and sanitiser dispenser, or can be upgraded  to include a first aid storage cabinet – ideal for sanitiser refills, antibacterial wipes and gloves as well as the usual first aid supplies

What’s more, it can be wheeled from place to place, perhaps as your staffing numbers change, when work areas are moved, or when the building is closed

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