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Operation Heathland

Operation Heathland was launched in March 2016 and will run until the end of September. Now in its 17th year and involving 14 organisations, (including Dorset Police, Dorset Fire & Rescue, The National Trust and The Forestry Commission) this project will be monitoring Dorset’s heathlands to prevent fires (both accidental and deliberate) and raising awareness about activities that endanger wildlife in these areas such as fly tipping, disturbance of nesting birds and damage to vegetation.

Most of the Dorset heathlands are designated SSSI and are home to numerous rare species. Arson is considered to be the greatest threat to these habitats, as it can take 25 years for an area to recover after a fire.

If you see a fire on heathland this summer, call 999 immediately to prevent further damage to our beautiful but fragile environment.

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