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Oxygen Cylinder Safety Warning

Oxygen Cylinders: How To Store Oxygen Safely.

A recent fire in a care home involving an oxygen cylinder is a reminder that we need to ensure that any such items are stored and serviced correctly. It is also important that our Emergency Plan designates someone who should at least attempt to remove the cylinder from the building in the event of a fire, if it is safe to do so.

Even if an oxygen cylinder isn’t the cause of the fire, they are likely to explode in the high temperatures of a fire, causing even greater damage.

Oxygen Cylinder Storage Checklist

  • Handle oxygen cylinders carefully, using a trolley if necessary
  • Keep cylinders secured upright
  • When not in use, store oxygen cylinders in a well-ventilated storage area away from combustible materials and separately from cylinders of flammable gas
  • Only store as many cylinders as you need to
  • Return empty cylinders to the supplier
  • Empty cylinders may still be dangerous – treat them with care
  • Keep cylinders clean and free from oils, grease and dust
  • Never allow smoking while oxygen is in use

For more detailed information on the safe use of oxygen for both medical and industrial situations, please read the HSE publication on Oxygen Use in the Workplace.

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