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self-service fire extinguisher

Self-Service Fire Extinguisher

Looking forward and keeping focused on helping you comply as cost-effectively as possible is what we aim to achieve every working day. This is why the concept of a fire extinguisher that doesn’t require annual maintenance caught our eye. This product may revolutionise the fire extinguisher industry, and whilst it may not offer a cost-saving in every situation, it is certainly worth considering.

Why is it so special?

1. 20 Year life cycle. Made from an ultra-tough composite material, which cannot corrode, enabling a 20-year life cycle and a 10-year guarantee.

2. ‘Maintenance’ is reduced. A simple visual inspection of the extinguisher and check of the gauge with a magnet, which can be carried out by anyone. Wave goodbye to the annual maintenance bill for 10 years. No expensive 5-year discharge test (unlike conventional foam or powder extinguishers). After 10 years the unit is factory tested or service-exchanged with a professionally tested unit.

3. Reducing the number of extinguishers. The foam has been tested on and approved for use on live electrical equipment up to 1000v at 1 metre. Removes the necessity for a separate CO2 extinguisher.

4. Environmentally friendly. After the 20 years of use, the extinguisher is fully recyclable. Also reducing CO2 emissions as no engineer is needed so less travel.

5. Independently certified. The self-service extinguisher carries the Kite Mark, has EN3 Approval and has certificates from two independent European test houses.


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