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Remote Fire Alarm Monitoring Alarm System

Who’s responding to your fire alarm when you’re not there?

Over 70% of businesses involved in a major disaster never reopen or fail shortly after reopening. However, implementing advanced fire safety measures such as Remote Fire Alarm Monitoring can reduce the severity of a fire’s damage.

Fires can happen at any time, and quick response times from different key parties are crucial to mitigating the impact of an emergency, but how can you protect your premises from a fire when it’s unoccupied? Dorset Fire Protection have the solution.

Why is fire alarm monitoring so important? 

There are approximately 22,000 workplace fires in the United Kingdom every year, but some of the most devastating fires occur at night and/or when buildings are unattended.

During the day or working hours, employees are quick to recognise fire safety signals and alarms and react, but throughout the night or during holiday periods, a fire alarm can ring on and on with no one to answer.

In many cases, most fire services will not respond to an alarm in a low-risk facility unless someone can confirm that there are signs of a fire. But what if there is a fire but no one is there to confirm it? What if no one notices there’s a fire roaring inside the premises until it bursts through the windows? 24/7  remote monitoring is an advanced fire safety strategy that answers these questions itself.

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Should you utilise fire alarm monitoring for your organisation? 

24/7 alarm monitoring can be the difference between a manageable emergency and an irreparable disaster. Fire alarm monitoring is all about notifying the necessary people that a building’s alarms have been triggered quickly and urgently.

In an emergency situation, you can’t wait for it to get worse, and no one wants to turn up their business to find it burnt beyond repair.

Remote alarm monitoring guarantees that no alarm goes unheard or unattended. When you choose alarm monitoring with DFP, you can be assured instant action is taken.

fire alarm monitoring

How does fire alarm monitoring work?

As experts in fire safety, the DFP team only trust other fire experts to look after our customers. Our team will install a monitoring device close to your fire alarm control panel and connect the integrated system to a manned NSI Gold Accredited Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC).

By choosing to have your fire safety alert system connected to ARC, their team of people will always be ready to react to a triggered fire alarm — every day and every hour of the year.

In the event of a signal, they will contact you in the first instance, and if they receive no response, they will summon the fire service to your premises to hopefully catch the fire in the early stages.

Choose Dorset Fire Protection for fire strategy support

Dorset Fire Protection helps your business manage its fire safety strategy and standards whenever you need us. From remote alarm monitoring to PAT testing, our team are on hand to secure businesses against the risk of emergency.

If you want to invest in remote fire alarm monitoring today to protect your business, call 0330 7000 555 or email [email protected]

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