Fire alarm system for apartment blocks

Fire alarm system for apartment blocks

A leading residential developer needed to update a fire alarm system at one of its developments in order to facilitate a change in evacuation strategy. The residential site covered two apartments blocks and all dwellings needed to be fitted with an up-to-date alarm system to make residents aware of the need to evacuate in an emergency.
The project process was made more challenging by the global coronavirus health crisis, and our engineers could only access each flat once to reduce the chance of cross-contamination and contact. Our client was keen to avoid repeat access to lower the disturbance to residents while also keeping them protected. Additionally, the work needed to be completed in as short of a time window as possible to ensure the new evacuation policy was in place sooner rather than later.
Installation of the fire alarm system commenced without building plans and our experienced team had to apply their knowledge and skill to see the project through with a successful result.

Fire alarm problems?

Experiencing fire alarm problems?

A new client contacted us with a fault with their fire alarm panel. If you’ve ever had to listen to the fault beep on a fire alarm panel for a period of time, you will be able to empathise with the poor receptionist who sits near the panel! The question is always: “how quickly can you shut this thing up?”

Fire alarm maintenance

Fire alarm maintenance

Discontent with another provider’s quotation just to attend site to look at a problem with the fire alarm system, a new client reached out to us to see what we could do to help them out.

Fire risk assessments for an academy trust

Academy trust required fire risk assessments 

A regional academy trust was looking for fire risk assessments to be carried out at their schools across the South West. The schools were diverse in terms of size, pupil numbers and age groups served, but the Trust needed a common approach to fire safety, with best practice being adopted in all schools.

PAT Testing

People are always surprised by how many portable electrical appliances they have on the premises and their initial estimates of the number of appliances is always a lot less than reality! That is why we will provide a full inventory of assets, with unique identifiers and a location list so that you can get a complete picture. This also ensures that appliances don’t get overlooked in future years.

Our technicians work independently and sensitively, helping to ensure that your business operations are not interrupted for any longer than absolutely necessary.

Private school in listed building

Private school in listed building – the brief

The classic boarding school sprawls over a vast acreage of a country estate with a tree-lined entrance road! The original ‘house’ is a listed building, but over the past 50 years, buildings have been added all over the site, and there is a mixture of uses and building styles. The biggest challenge when trying to risk assess such a complex is how to present the findings and recommendations in an easy-to-use manner which the client can work with.

Bespoke fire safety courses

Bespoke fire safety courses

Many companies need to train different staff to different levels of competence in relation to fire safety. Most staff require some basic fire safety awareness training, including the use of fire extinguishers. However, there is a small selection of staff (the Fire Marshals) who require a more in-depth understanding, particularly around fire precautions and auditing.

Bespoke care home training

Bespoke care home training – the brief

Most organisations providing care need to regularly refresh their staff with fire safety training since staff response in the event of a fire in care premises is a critically important factor in saving lives. It becomes more important where the residents are unable to respond to the fire alarm due to disabilities or mobility restrictions. The challenge is how to repeat the same messages without losing the interest and engagement of the delegates who have ‘heard it all before’.

New Free School in Dorset

New Free School in Dorset – the brief

The opening of a brand-new Free School in Dorset was great news for many pupils and parents who had campaigned for a local secondary school over a number of years. The building is equipped with state-of-the-art learning facilities and is protected by an extensive fire alarm system.

Museum in heritage building

Museum in Heritage – the brief

Shire Hall Historic Courthouse Museum is situated in a Grade 1 listed building designed by the architect Thomas Hardwick. It was an active courthouse from 1796 until 1955, witnessing all manner of cases including the sentencing of the now famous Tolpuddle Martyrs.


Alongside its human history lies Shire Hall’s intrinsic architectural value, as one of the best-preserved buildings of its kind.

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